Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Jewnos

Jewish Canadian artists are nicely represented on the 2013 Juno Awards nomination list.

Geddy Lee of Rush
The awards ceremony takes place on April 21st on CTV.

Jaffa Road (Aviva Chernick, centre)

No less than six Canadian Jews are up for the coveted award.

Leonard Cohen

They are: World Music group Jaffa Road led by singer Aviva Chernick; Rap and Hip-hop artist Drake; iconic poet and singer Leonard Cohen; video producer and director Sean Wainsteim; prog-rog stalwarts Rush (hey, they count as "Jewish" because Geddy Lee's awesomeness dictates it so.)

Sean Wainsteim
For a list of which category each nominee is listed under, visit the JUNOs website here.

Drake (aka Aubrey Graham Drake)

Oh, OK. Since you practically BEGGED me... here's a video of RUSH doing their thing live in 2011. What? Doesn't EVERYONE love RUSH? Watch. Love. PROG LIVES!

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