Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mila Kunis set to sparkle as Gemfields ambassador

Mila Kunis, the actress known for her roles in TV’s Family Guy, That 70’s Show,as well as films such as Black Swan and Ted, says she’s incredibly proud to have been named the global ambassador for London-based Gemfields gemstones.

Specializing in Zambian emeralds – Gemfields produces some 20 per cent of the world’s emerald supply – while also producing Zambian amethysts and rubies from Mozambique, the company prides itself on hunting, mining and promoting the stones in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner.

Kunis has adopted these principles as the face of the U.K. brand and will be featured in ads carried by several major publications. "While in Africa, I learned that the entire journey that each Gemfields stone takes is carefully considered, and that the environment and the local communities where its mines are located are held in the highest regard" Kunis said in a statement.
Kunis went on to say, "I truly believe in Gemfields' mission of ethical mining, and I absolutely have fallen in love with the rarity, beauty, and history of emeralds."

The appointment comes as the marketing machine gets into full swing for the March 8 release of Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful. In the prequel to the 1939 classic starring Judy Garland, Kunis plays Theodora, a witch in the mystical Land of Oz who will ultimately become the Wicked Witch of the West. Ironically, that means her on-screen complexion may have the emerald-coloured glow of the very gemstone she has come to love. 

It's a brilliant trailer, and you can see it right here.

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