Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quebec company to save the Kishon River

Water is among the many natural resources that the State of Israel depends on. It’s used to keep its vegetation lush, its local food products available in plentiful supply and its people well nourished, but the ready availability of renewable sources of water can at times be a problem.

Local innovation over the years has created technological means to conserve water in many ways, but now a key part of the job has been contracted out to Quebec City-based EnGlobe, a worldwide leader in environmental services. With its expertise in managing organic waste and decontaminating soil, EnGlobe will turn its talents to rehabilitating the Kishon River.

The Kishon River – a 70-km stream that flows through the Jezreel Valley to Haifa Bay and on to the Mediterranean Sea – is considered by many to be the most polluted river in the entire state. Its been contaminated over 40 years with mercury as well as other heavy metals and organic chemicals, and EnGlobe will work to decontaminate more than half a million cubic metres of sediment.

The contract with the Canadian company is valued at $40 million, and the job is expected to last 36 months.

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