Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Space Jews" have at it

Sticking with the Bill Shatner theme, it seems old Captain Kirk has a beef with the director of the young, alternate universe Captain Kirk.

In the video below courtesy of uber-cool-nerdist website GeekTyrant, Shats calls out director, and fellow Jew, J.J. Abrams for being "a pig" about hogging the Earth's two major SciFi franchises: Star Trek and Star Wars. (In case you've been pinned under the wreckage of a failed shuttlecraft mission, Abrams was recently awarded directorial duty on the much-anticipated Star Wars VII film.)

Is this a case of Shatner airing sour grapes over not getting any part to play in Abrams' Star Trek reboots? Perhaps he's hoping to play Jedi Master "Obi Gon Keerq" in the next Star Wars installment?

Or maybe he's really a Sith lord, trying to destroy any chance at peace between Hollywood Jewish actors and directors?

You decide.

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