Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fox's New Girl gets Kosher Spin

Funny or Die has posted a parody of the Fox hit series New Girl with the title of Jew Girl.

    It copies the premise of the original, in which a pretty young woman moves into an apartment with three young men who aren't quite ready for her awkward and quirky personality.

   Now imagine throwing in an over-the-top Jewish girl with a Long Island personality accompanied by three non-Jewish men - or "Goyim" as they're called in the video - who are frightened by Bess' (the main character) loud TMI (too much information) personality and corny jokes.

   The video has a bit of a chaotic feeling, but it's well executed, with overlaid Yiddish-language graphics that highlight Bess' Yiddish catchphrases and help viewers keep up with the speed of the two-minute clip.

   Overall, you'll chuckle at the exaggerated Jewish idiosyncrasies bursting from the seams in this spoof.

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