Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mayim Bialik comes to her alma mater's defence

Mayim Bialik wants you to know that UCLA is not anti-Semitic.

A graduate of the University California Los Angeles (UCLA) and a product of Hillel's leadership education and programming, the Big Bang Theory star is also a regular contributor to, a Jewish parenting website, where she penned a defence of the West Coast school earlier this week after a member of UCLA’s student government was asked in a hearing last month whether her Jewish identity presents a conflict of interest.

Bialik wants parents to know that it was four members of the student government who raised objections to her candidacy because of her affiliations with Jewish causes, but that this is not in any way a viewpoint shared by the majority of UCLA's faculty nor the university's administration.

Jump here to Bialik's detailed defence of her alma mater.

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