Thursday, January 16, 2014

Big names to play concerts in Israel this year

The Holy Land is about to get a slew of musicians stopping in to perform this spring and summer.

In addition to Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, who announced their concerts last year, Neil Young and Justin Timberlake have added their names to the list.

If you're an Israeli fan of Young and Crazy Horse, make sure you catch them this time around. According to Rolling Stone, Crazy Horse guitarist Frank Sampedro said his gut tells him this is the group's last tour.

"I hate saying their ages, but I’m 64 and I’m the baby of the band," he said. "I love playing and we’re playing as good as we ever did, but at any time, something could go down with any one of us."

It's also been 19 years since Young was in Israel, so you definitely don't want to miss this one.

If you're a classic rock fan in Israel, keep your fingers crossed for more tour announcements soon. The Rolling Stones have reportedly been offered $4.5 million to play Tel Aviv this summer – the largest amount ever offered to an artist to play in the country.

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