Thursday, January 16, 2014

Academy gives 'Palestine' second-ever nomination

Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad has been nominated for an Academy Award in the foreign language category.

Not only is it the second Oscar nod for the Nazareth-born director – he was first nominated in 2005 for Paradise Now – but because he's a self-identified Palestinian, it marks the second time a Palestinian movie has been nominated.

The film is the romantic drama Omar. Shot in both Israel and in the West Bank, Omar is the most successful truly Palestinian film, according to Times of Israel. It was made with almost entirely Palestinian funds and with the help of an all-Palestinian crew, although some of the actors are Israeli Arabs, including star Adam Bakri. That has led to some discussion about whether it should be considered an Israeli or Palestinian submission, but the Academy has spoken and sided with the filmmaker.

Watch the trailer for Omar below.

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