Monday, December 9, 2013

Macaulay Culkin has a saucy new band: The Pizza Underground

Macaulay Culkin's cheesy new project has the Home Alone star jumping into the shoes of the late Jewish art rocker, Lou Reed, frontman of the Velvet Underground.

In the anti-folk Pizza Underground, Culkin plays percussion and the kazoo, while singing along to many of Reed's famous songs, all while changing the lyrics to make them about pizza.

New songs include: Cheese Days (instead of These Days), I'm Waiting for the Delivery Man (I'm Waiting for the Man) and Take of Bite of the Wild Slice.

The demo was recorded at Culkin's house last month, although the group has apparently been together since February 2012.

"Oh it's such a pizza day. I'm glad I spent it with food. Oh, such a pizza day. You just keep the oven on," the group sings on Pizza Day.

Check out a slice of each of the songs on the demo medley below.

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