Thursday, December 12, 2013

King David as mafia boss?

Trends in television tend to go in cycles, with certain genres filling up schedules across the dial at the same time, such as reality programming or crime procedurals.

Every now and again, network and cable channel execs are pitched ideas for air religion-based entertainment.

This seems like one of those moments.

The ABC network annually airs The Ten Commandments, CBS recently aired The Bible miniseries, from veteran television producer Mark Burnett, and in 2014, the big and small screens will, respectively, see treatments of Noah, starring Russell Crowe, and Burnett's second series, The Dovekeepers.

Adapted from Alice Hoffman's novel of the same name, The Dovekeepers tells the story of four women and their fight to save the inhabitants of the doomed fortress Masada from the invading Romans.

On the heels of green-lighting The Dovekeepers comes news that King David, a drama series developed by Entertainment One (eOne), will depict the legendary Jewish leader as the Tony Soprano of his time.

"Over the years, I’ve had a penchant for developing cutting-edge dramatic properties with historical roots and broad audience appeal," said executive producer Mark Canton, co-founder of Atmosphere Entertainment, who produced other history-based films like 300. "King David fits that bill."

According to The Wrap, the series will bring to life the "full, contradictory character of the greatest warrior-king and patriarch of the Bible – a man who must make monstrous choices that betray his personal ideals and turn his family against him."

What are your thoughts? Is comparing King David to a fictional mob boss going too far?

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