Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tighter security is good news for Israeli pot growers

Tighter border security in Israel has led to an interesting unintended consequence: more grow-ops.

According to Bloomberg, the increase of security was due to the influx of African migrants coming in through the Sinai desert. But that means it's been harder for people to sneak in pot from neighbouring countries, and dealers have had to start sourcing from inside the Jewish state.

"From a public interest standpoint, this is a positive development," Boaz Wachtel, founder of the Green Leaf Party, told Bloomberg. "The stuff grown inside Israel is of higher quality. Some hash coming in from Lebanon was just clay mixed with sap."

Legalization of marijuana isn't an especially popular cause among Israelis – the Institute for Market Studies found just 26 per cent of Israelis support legalization, as opposed to 52 per cent in the United States (according to a Pew Research Center study).

Although local prices have gone up, smokers can be comforted knowing that at least the money is staying in the country.

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