Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jay Baruchel developing pilot for ABC show

Actor Jay Baruchel is working on developing a pilot for a show loosely based on his own life.

The ABC show will feature a slightly more famous – albeit reluctantly – version of Baruchel moving back to to his fictional hometown of Burlington, Vt.

Of course, in reality, Baruchel is one of us, calling Montreal home.

But the U.S. network wouldn't go for a Montreal-based comedy series, so he chose Burlington because it's the closest non-Canadian city to his hometown.

“All [my character] wants to do is write this 12-volume history of Burlington,” Baruchel told The Globe and Mail while he was in Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival.

“So finally once he’s made all his money, he says goodbye to fame and fortune or whatever, Hollywood, moves back home to Burlington, buys a house down the street from his mother, moves his two best friends from high school in with him and – ideally – hilarity ensues.”

No word on when the pilot is set to air, but we know we're looking forward to it already.

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Anonymous said...

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