Thursday, September 12, 2013

A super tribute to Canada's superhero

To celebrate 75 years of Superman, the Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled seven commemorative coins, in addition to the Superman tribute stamps that were released by Canada Post on Tuesday.

Co-created by Canadian Joe Shuster and American Jerry Siegel, Superman has drawn plenty of influence from Canada. Shuster said the Daily Planet was based on the old Toronto Star building, and Metropolis' looks were inspired by Shuster's hometown of Toronto.

The coins range in price and value, with the most expensive being a 14-karat gold coin that will cost $750 and have a face value of $75. The rest will range from $29.75 to $129.75.

The coin reads "75 years of Superman" in the hero's native Kryptonian.

“The generations of young people who grew up reading Superman comics may not have fully appreciated the story behind them,” said Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander in a statement. “Our government celebrates Canada’s history and heritage and the very values and strengths that Superman embodies.”

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