Thursday, August 22, 2013

How will you celebrate summer's end?

There are many ways to mark the end of summer.

Some take a late vacation before the kids go back to school, some make a barbecue for friends and family, while others go a little bigger – and dare I say bolder – in their seasonal send-off.

 Residents of the Toronto area now have three notable events to choose from as they contemplate the end to the season of leisure: the Canadian National Exhibition, Scotiabank’s Buskerfest in support of Epilepsy Toronto, and Fan Expo Canada.

For those unfamiliar with Fan Expo, it’s considered to be this country’s “Comic Con,” the legendary annual American convention. Since its start in 1995, Fan Expo has grown tremendously in the size and scope of its offerings public, television networks and celebrities alike.

At this year's convention, to be held Aug. 22 to 25 in the north and south buildings of the Metro Toronto Convention Center, Canada Post is honouring the world’s first superhero, Superman, a..k.a. The Man of Steel, the character created by American Jerry Siegel and Toronto-born Joe Shuster.

To celebrate Superman’s 75th year, Canada Post is issuing a new set of stamps Sept. 10 to pay tribute to all of the artists who have worked on his image since he first appeared in June 1938.

Heebonics was granted a sneak peak at one of the coming stamps in the set, which we’ve presented to you here. As you can see, the last son of Krypton still appears to be in pretty fine form.

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