Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hitler Fried Chicken is off the menu

A restaurant in the Thai city of Ubon Rathcathani that featured a logo of Hitler stylized to look like KFC's Colonel Sanders in its signage apparently changed its name a long time ago.

Twitter/Andrew Spooner

The eatery gained notoriety this past May when British author Andrew Spooner tweeted the photo above, and the story was recently up by earlier this month by Britain's Daily Mail, which noted that Hitler's likeness has been popping up all over Thailand lately .

KFC had apparently been considering legal action against the Thai restaurant, but it reportedly had long since changed its name to H-Ler and eliminated the Hitler likeness on its sign, the Bangkok Post reported earlier this month.

The photo tweeted by Spooner was actually taken in 2011, the Post said.

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