Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Coming soon to a smartphone near you?

Out of the way Angry Birds. Move over Super Mario.

Angry Jews just might be the next big thing in gaming – or maybe just in Brooklyn or along Toronto's Bathurst street.

YouTube user Gil Elnekave posted a video July 9 that featured half a minute of gameplay that could be described as a cross between Super Mario Brothers and Angry Birds.

It features a shtreiml-wearing, vaguely chassidic character who dodges all kinds of obstacles somewhere in what appears to be the European countryside while killing the occasional scythe-wielding Cossack.

He leaps in the air to snag what seem to be holy books, thereby gaining strength as he goes.

When the character dies, the Hebrew acronym meaning "of blessed memory" pops up.

Very cute.

But the video is the only evidence of the game anywhere online.

No word yet on when it's coming to a smartphone near you.

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