Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spidey’s studio not bitter about Passover scheduling

Members of the crew filming The Amazing Spider-Man sequel in the South Williamsburg neighbourhood of New York’s borough of Brooklyn and the area’s Orthodox community leaders are grateful and content this Pesach after a local Jewish politician helped make peace between them.

Columbia Pictures, the studio behind the film, had sought to close streets and take over needed parking spaces in a key communal area over Passover’s holiest of days.

Brooklyn Councilman Stephen Levin helped broker the compromise with Columbia. Along with the Mayor’s Office and community leaders, he said in a statement, “We expressed the importance for Spider-Man to ‘pass-over’ filming during Passover, and they have answered our call.”

They added: “Thank you for letting my people park.”

With the respectful action taken by the studio, the web slinger remains the city and every borough’s favourite wall-crawling hero.

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