Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Hebrew Hammer is back

The creators of the comedy film The Hebrew Hammer (2003), which Vanity Fair and the Boston Globe have called one of the best holiday movies of all time, recently announced plans for a sequel that they hope will come out some time next year. 

Called The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler, the premise is that the Hebrew Hammer – a.k.a. Mordechai Jefferson Carver, a Jewish sleuth who fights crimes against his people – and his sidekick, Mohammed Ali Paula Abdul Rahim, go back in time to stop Hitler from trying to remove Jews from the world permanently.

Director/producer Jonathan Kesselman told entertainmentweekly.com he believes the sequel will be even better than the first movie, saying the writing is smarter and that he’s very excited to start filming.

The great thing about the project is the involvement of fans. Kesselman says he wants them to choose who’ll play Hitler and that it can be anyone of any race. It’s a fun and different idea to make audiences feel like they’re part of the making of the film.

Kesselman says he hopes to raise $200,000 via jewcer.com in order to kickstart what he estimates will be a $1.5-million production. So far, however, he’s only managed to get $40,000, which means he has a ways to go to reach his target and start filming in mid-May.

If you want to see The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler become a reality, you can make a donation – and even personalize your pledge – here!

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