Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yenta - the new Jewish dating site

There’s a new app that was specially created for Jewish singles with an iPhone who are interested in finding each other via GPS.

After downloading the app – called Yenta – to your phone, you can create a profile by answering a few short questions about yourself. The app will then automatically show you nearby Jewish users who are also looking for a partner.

Among the cute questions it asks you while you’re making your profile are things such as “What would impress my mother?” Another nice touch is a “How Jewish are you” meter, with ratings from “just Jewish” to “super Jewish.”

All in all, Yenta is a good way to meet people using the latest technology, but it could get a bit dangerous if you’re not responsible and aware that you’re putting yourself out there for anyone to see.

 One way to make sure you’re protected from any harm is by not sending out information that’s too personal. Another way is to check people out on Facebook or other social media sites before meeting up with them.

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