Monday, March 12, 2012

UJA uses "The Force" for good

Here's a nifty ad for UJA Federation of Greater Toronto's upcoming Walk With Israel on May 31.

The Force is strong with this ad. I wonder if George Lucas will be there.

OK, it may not be the funniest thing out there, but it's kind of well executed narratively speaking. Visually however, this thing's a mess.

Upon watching it several times, I noticed that the location of Mr. Vader's office seems to be in a grocery store. However, the opening sequence has him walking out of a building elevator, presumably heading to his apartment to register for the event.

Then bam! He's working the cash at the store making calls to his peeps from there. Weird location shots. Where's the continuity?

Anyway, the point is the Walk With Israel. So, go. Enjoy.

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