Thursday, June 2, 2011

To all wrestling fans...

Last week, many marked the passing of one of wrestling's all time greats, Macho Man Randy Savage. He was indeed Jewish; though publicly and in the ring he never acknowledged it. Barry Horowitz, who also had a solid career in (World Wrestling Entertainment) the WWE, fully embraced his Jewishness and played it up. Much like Horowitz, Colt Cabana / Scotty Goldman has employed it as he ascends in the independent circuit, "Ring of Honor".

I myself always knew that Macho Man was a Jewish wrestler, though truthfully I have not followed the world of wrestling for many years. Recently, I came upon a post from Jeremy Fine "The Great Rabbino", who has found another member of the tribe in the wrestling ranks. Ethan Levin is making quite the impression in the WWE's developmental facility - or minor league for the rest of the sports fans out there - in the FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling).

According to Fine, not much more is yet known about Levin. However, many hope to see him soon make his way to the larger arena of the WWE.

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