Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gaza Flotilla: The News You Need

So the second annual "Freedom Flotilla" is all set to depart this weekend. Ships from the shores of various countries will be mis-guided to Israeli waters off the country's coast in an attempt to break the blockade of Gaza by Israel.

And, very likely for the second time, Israeli naval forces will have to intercept and board one or more of these "freedom" vessels to stop them from entering Gaza. Let's pray there's no bloodshed or loss of life this time around. I suspect the IDF is more prepared for any contingencies this time around though.

That said, these would-be "freedom activists" from around the world, including a ship from Canada with around 30 Canadian activists, are at best woefully ignorant, useful idiots who choose to be blinded to the realities of Gaza and its Hamas-terrorist overlords. At worst, they're malicious anti-Semites who have made an active decision to attempt to demonize the Jewish state by potentially sacrificing their own lives to make Israelis look bad on the international news.

It's insane any way you slice it.

However, for those of you who like a little something we call "the truth", our friends over at the Canada-Israel Committee have just launched a helpful site called Canadian Boat to Gaza: A Dangerous Political Stunt. It's packed full of info, statistics and graphics about the supposed "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza. Info like the following.

Did you know that Iran supplies Gaza with more than $25 million a month? Have a look at what this coin could buy and then think about where it goes in Gaza and whether "humanitarian crisis" is applicable.

We here at Heebonics urge all our readers to have a look at it, disseminate it, talk about it with your friends and family. There's nothing worse than ignorance about the facts. So here's the facts.

By the way, the Gaza Flotilla folks like to use the old canard that Gaza is suffering from a humanitarian crisis. Is life in Gaza easy? Certainly not. But not because of Israel, because it's run by a pro-Sharia law, Islamist terrorist organization bent on obliterating free thought, women's rights, gay rights and any other right that doesn't conform to its militaristic interpretation of the Qur'an.

And there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. There's plenty of food, supplies and shelter for people. What there isn't plenty of, is freedom.

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