Monday, April 4, 2011

Israel to be hit with Bieber Fever

Canadian teen heartthrob Justin Bieber is gearing up to perform in Israel this month, to the sounds of 60,000 screaming girls.

The April 14 concert was originally set to happen in Israel’s 41, 653-seat soccer stadium in Ramat Gan where other musicians such as Elton John, Leonard Cohen, Sting and Metallica have performed. However, the demand for Bieber forced him to move the concert to Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv, which can hold as many as 60,000 people.

This will be Bieber’s first time in Israel. His mother Patti, and his Jewish manager/stage dad “Scooter” Braun will accompany him.

A year of firsts for the 17-year-old singer, Bieber will also be participating in his first seder.

With Passover beginning just five days after Bieber’s scheduled performance, Bieber will be participating in Braun’s Passover seder.

Its seems that Braun is having a strong influence on the young star, as just last year, with the release of Bieber’s 3D movie Never Say Never, it was revealed that before each concert, Bieber says the Shema Yisrael, a Jewish prayer, along with Braun.

Although not personally a Justin Bieber fan, it will be exciting to see the young star perform in Israel, especially when other artists such as Elvis Costello and Roger Waters choose to boycott the country.

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