Friday, March 4, 2011

Charlie Sheen accused of sending antisemitic text

Charlie Sheen has jumped on the antisemitic bandwagon…supposedly.

New reports say that Sheen sent an antisemitic text message to his wife Brooke Mueller about his manager Mark Burg, despite the fact that Brooke Mueller herself is Jewish.

According to online gossip blog TMZ, the text, allegedly sent by Sheen, states, “I must execute mark b [Mark Burg] like the stoopid jew pig that he is.” However, Sheen insists that he did not send the text message; going as far as to say that Mueller sent it to herself from his phone, in an attempt to frame him.

Although far-fetched, it does seem unlikely that Sheen sent the text, with even Burg coming forward to defend him.

TMZ also reported Burg saying that it seemed doubtful that Sheen sent the text message, pointing out that because Mueller is Jewish, Sheen’s two twin sons are Jewish as well.

He added, “Charlie Sheen’s ex-publicist, Stan Rosenfield, is Jewish. Charlie Sheen’s entertainment attorney, Jake Bloom, is Jewish. Charlie Sheen’s litigation attorney, Marty Singer, is Jewish. Charlie Sheen’s divorce attorney, Mark Gross, is Jewish.”

However, this isn’t the first time Sheen has been suspected of making comments laced with antisemitism. About two weeks ago, Sheen released a statement attacking Chuck Lorre, the creator of his hit show Two and a Half Men, after it was cancelled by its network CBS. Throughout the rant, Sheen continuously referred to Lorre by his Hebrew name, Chaim Levine, and called him a “contaminated little maggot.”

So what to do think? Is Charlie Sheen an antisemite, or just plain stupid (or crazy)?

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tzvee said...

I vote for, All of the above...