Thursday, January 27, 2011

How popular Jews are in Primetime T.V.

Admittedly, I like many of you out there watch way too much television. Amongst the multitude of shows I have given half a chance to, one that recently intrigued me, billed as the next J.J. Abrams like Alias is the show Covert Affairs. From the producer of the Bourne Trilogy of movies, comes another program, giving the audience a fictional glimpse into the inner workings of the U.S. Government's Central Intelligence Agency. Many scenes in each episode are filmed in Toronto, doubling for streets in Washington.

What amazes me to no end is how producers and writers of not just Covert Affairs, but so many genre shows on television, pepper their scripts with yiddish verbiage and centre the plot lines for episodes on Jewish themes, situations and stereotypes.

The first season of the aforementioned now hit series has aired in the U.S. on the USA Network and is currently shown, Sunday nights on Showcase in Canada. The lead actress Piper Perabo (recently nominated for a Golden Globe) in the fourth episode entitled "No Quarter" must exchange a sensitive briefcase with an Israeli agent played by Oded Fehr (he just so happens to be an Israeli actor now based in the United States). Fehr you may recall co-starred in The Mummy movies along side Brendan Frasier. He sells the stereotypical Israeli very well...extremely confident, driven, sly yet humorous, passionate and prepared militarily for many situations .

Examples abound from Law and Order to How I met your Mother, from Brothers and Sisters to House and the list goes on and on. What have been some references you've come across in the shows you've seen? Sound off here!

The episode "NO Quarter" in fact runs this Sunday at 10 p.m. check your channel listings and watch the preview right here on

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