Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hey! Montreal antisemites... What the F@*#!?!?

OK, enough's enough.

As an ex-pat Montrealer now living in Toronto, when I read about my beloved Montreal Jewish community being targeted in the extreme by cowardly racists, it gets my blood boiling.

For the past few years, a disproportionate amount of Montreal Jewish institutions (schools, synagogues, stores) have been vandalized by idiot thugs. But this week, THIS week, the perpetrators of these hateful incidents ramped up their actions and hit no less than FIVE buildings in one night.

Here are the blurbed details per The CJN. You can read the whole story here:

MONTREAL – in the wake of sporadic but regular vandalism, the Jewish community reached a “tipping point” this past weekend after five institutions were hit on one night, said Rabbi Reuben Poupko, chair of Federation CJA’s security co-ordinating committee.

Four Montreal synagogues and one school were hit by vandals in the early hours of Jan. 16. The synagogues – Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem (TBDJ), Beth Rambam, Beth Zion and Dorshei Emet – all had single rocks thrown through their front windows. The same thing happened at Yavne Academy.
Tiffereth Beth David Jerusalem synagogue in Montreal

I say again: "Hey! Montreal antisemites... What gives?!"

If you're so passionate about hating on us, show yourselves. Let's see who you are. Enough of these cut-and-run antics. Come on out and say what you want to say. It's a free country. Speak it out loud and reveal yourselves. Otherwise, you're just making us angry. And to quote a well-known comic character turned 1970s TV show: "You wouldn't like us when we're angry."

Seriously, if you're so hard up for something to do with your hate, go buy a punching bag, plaster a bagel on it and punch away. It'll cost you less in gas and time out of life while you're incarcerated. Because you know what? You WILL be caught eventually. Have fun in jail. Punks.


ShawnO said...

I was going to post about this but you said it well enough. Well said indeed. I have talked to quite a few people about the incidents of this past weekend. People are getting angry. The attacks on Jewish institutions are not creating fear, it is creating anger. All that these punks are doing is waking a sleeping giant.

Blintzkrieg said...

ShawnO, agreed. It's going to come to a head soon and the Quebec police force will need to put the hammer down on these idiots.