Friday, August 13, 2010

Travelling Yid's Pre Shabbos Post

So we are coming to the end of two wild weeks here in the holy land. Though we started in Haifa and chilled on the beach, the climax of the trip many were looking foreward to was chilling and partying in the key city of Tel Aviv.

After touring the old part in Jaffo (yes that is actually pronounced "Yaffo") we were granted amnesty from the packed schedule to kick back with some well-deserved free time. Some chose either to chill on the beach and take a dip in the rejuvinating mediteranean or to walk the marketplace - Shuk HaCarmel.

When the sun went down we partygoers on this trip took to the boardwalk and danced the night away. Before reboarding the bus for Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea, we travelled to Sderot.

Rockets were fired into Sderot and fell in great numbers last September, many of which have been catalogued and placed on display. From what we were told, they use robots to check for additional hazardous material around the landing sites to ensure no injury befalls the specialists. One might think that it is terrible to have to live constantly anticipating an attack from neighbours so close... and it is, especially in that area. At the same time, the specialists and the people who live there are truly heroes for the work they do and the life of perseverance they practice everyday.

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