Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Diary of the Travelling Yid (Part II)

It started yesterday with a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean before leaving Tel Aviv for Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. These last two days have concluded with an introspective meditation under the stars. On this trip we have traveled to the North, made camp at the lowest sea level point in all the world, and through it all the sights have been absolutely breathtaking.

Parts of Israel are so lush that those with green thumbs would truly be in their element. Foodies have a world of flavours and spices to treat their taste buds to; and portion control here, throw it out the's to each their own. Eat as much as you care to but in the summer heat there is one lesson above all else as you tour around, DRINK! That's water all you readers, the other beverages keep to cool downs at night.
The adventure nuts have a wealth of activities to choose from (photos to follow). For now I can tell you that the stories shared by some of those who live, work and prosper here have been awe inspiring to say the least. From rabbis doing mitzvot that save lives, to Kibbutzniks who make Isreal's economy thrive working the land, growing local fruits and various other products for sale around this small yet powerful place, we Jews all call home.

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