Monday, July 26, 2010

Orthodox contestant faces elimination: B'nai Brith to investigate?

It’s been quite an up and down week in the Big Brother house for our Kosher hamster Andrew. After his exuberance at having Rachel win HOH and avoiding being put up on the elimination block, Andrew finds himself facing eviction this week. How did he get there? I’ll tell you. But first…

Last week Rachel, our well-endowed Las Vegas dancer, nominated Andrew’s two arch rivals, the catty Britney and Monet for elimination. Britney cried to Rachel telling her that if she ever wins HOH she will put Andrew up for eviction. “I hate him,” she tells Rachel. No reason for such hate was given.

The POV (Power of Veto) follows the nominations. In this contest, the winner can chose to save someone (including oneself if nominated) from the block and force the HOH to put someone else in his/her stead. Over the years this has led to a strategy called Back Dooring. If you really want someone out of the house, the HOH does NOT nominate that person initially but nominates two pawns instead. The plan counts on the HOH or a sympathizer to win the POV, remove one of the pawns and place the target instead, giving the target no chance to save him or herself.

Britney won the POV contest saving herself and she and Monet campaigned to have Rachel replace Britney with Andrew. “No one would be pissed off if you put Andrew up,” Monet says.

Rachel considers the idea. If she puts up Andrew on the block against Monet, it’s a “Win-win situation” for her. If Monet gets voted out, it’s whom she wants out in the first place; if Andrew gets voted out, it’s not a big loss to her, plus she gets brownie points from Monet and her friend Britney.

Rachel tells Andrew she’s considering putting him up but that he’s got nothing to worry about because everyone will vote out Monet. Andrew, wisely, is not too thrilled telling Rachel this means he would probably get sent home if he is nominated.

But Andrew gets a last minute miracle in the name of the contestant Matt. Matt inexplicably tells Rachel he doesn’t mind being put up. Matt is probably one of the best players to ever play the game. He previously told the House that his wife is dying of an incurable illness and that he needs to win the money to pay her medical bills. This garnered a lot of sympathy from the House, although the story is complete fabrication. In the privacy of the Diary Room, Andrew, a podiatrist masquerading in the house as a shoesalesman, questions whether Matt is telling the truth.

With Matt volunteering to be a pawn, Rachel’s decision is made for her, and at the POV ceremony announces that Matt will join Monet on the elimination bench. Andrew looks up and thanks God. At the live show on Thursday the gracious host, Julie Chen, asks Andrew what it’s like to be a modern Orthodox Jew in the house and Andrew gives a nice speech about how the other contestants have been understanding and have made it easy for him.

Monet gets voted out of the house and Master Strategizer Matt wins the next Head of Household contest, an endurance contest that involved surf boards. Andrew finished third which wasn’t good enough and he also joins the groups of “have-nots” which means he has to eat baby food all week—or the non-kosher slop.

Everyone thinks Matt will put up his rivals, the Showmance couple Rachel and Brendon –with whom he had a bit of a quarrel after the POV announcement-- up for nomination. “But that’s the obvious thing to do,” Matt says. Instead he nominates Kathy, who was one of two people to vote against Matt the previous week, and Andrew. Before announcing his decision, he tells Andrew (whom we learn is a divorced father) that while everyone hated him in the beginning, “Everyone thinks you’re a cool dude now.” He says he’s thinking about putting him up but that he would be a pawn, and doesn’t want him to go out. He suggests he’s looking for a back door opportunity, hinting that either Rachel or Brendon are his real targets.

Will Andrew win the POV and save himself? Or will he get voted out? Stay tuned…...meanwhile watch Andrew eat Baby Food and see Matt explain his reasoning for putting him up for eviction.

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