Thursday, July 8, 2010

Netanyahu on Larry King..Time for Peace

Last night on CNN's Larry King Live, his special guest was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Over the course of an hour, they talked about all the major issues: from Israel's relationship with the United States, to forging a lasting peace with Israel's neighbors. It also touched a little bit on the efforts being made to secure the release of Gilad Schalit.

Democratic nations everywhere maintain that when threatened by violent premeditated attacks, they have the right to defend themselves. Chief among them is Israel. Until destructive weapons at the ready of countries like Iran, Iraq - when it was ruled by Sadam Hussein - and the Palestinian people ruled north of Israel by Hezbollah and Hamas in Gaza to the south is dispensed with, the threat of terrorist actions remains of great concern. This video illustrates why the defensible border is still of great necessity.

The state of Israel was established to maintain the Jewish way of life. One bit of land where our culture and our heritage is seen, felt and shared by all who have made it home. In discussing Iran's nuclear arms proliferation and the threat it poses with King, Netanyahu said, "Israel does not seek the destruction of any other country or people even if it were to possess nuclear weapons, unlike Iran."

Netanyahu alluded to a two paradigm struggle: modernity vs medievalness. We (meaning Israel) have courage for peace. This is the modernistic approach. Netanyahu believes that with the Palestinians, Israel can have peace now..."Now is the time" he said. Hamas's and Hezbollah's activities in the North and South over settlements etc. are the midieval actions preventing the chance for peace and are precipitated so long as Iran wants no peace.

What got me in the final moments of the interview was when King asks Netanyahu, "You live as Prime Minister in the middle of a hostile world, do you ever get to relax?" Netanyahu then responds as any truly observant Jewish person would, "Yes Saturday is the sabbath the day of rest I take an hour and a half (probably the length of his weekly service) to read the bible with my youngest son."

King grew up in a religious observant home, though he became an agnostic in his adult life, was he just playing to the audience or is it just another sign his retirement may be coming at just the right time?

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Ohara said...

The interview will air again on Sunday night, July 11th on CNN.