Friday, July 30, 2010

The Jew Has Left The Building

Well it didn’t turn out well for Captain Kosher in the Big Brother House. His inability to deal with being put up on the block and his over-reaction to things caused our podiatrist to shoot himself in the foot.

But first…

When we left Andrew last week he had been put up for nomination by Matt who is either the brightest or dumbest person to play the game. Matt told Andrew he was put up as a pawn and that he didn’t want him to go home.

And it all went downhill for Andrew from there.

Matt’s three friends who form the Brigade Alliance were confused by Matt’s nominations. They wanted the Power Couple, Brendon and Rachel gone. They suggested that they win the Power of Veto, remove Andrew and Back Door Brendon or Rachel instead—the Brenchal alliance.

They all seemed agreeable. Their plan would work as long as ANYBODY except Brendon or Rachel won the POV contest. Knowing they were targets, if Brendon or Rachel won POV they would retain the status quo and not change the nominees. If anybody else won, they would pull Andrew and have Matt nominate Brendon.

Before the POV contest we were witness to some of the things that really made Andrew stand out in the house. It turns out he’s a Clean Freak and we saw scenes of him cleaning the house. “He cleans stuff that’s clean,” one of the other House Guests complains.

Later in the HOH bedroom (the HOH bedroom has a plasma screen which allows people in the room to spy on the the other House Guests in the House), the Brigade Alliance watch Andrew don his tefillin to pray and started making fun of him.

“I didn’t know Jewish guys wore ninja outfits to pray,” one of them says.
The POV contest was one of the more creative ones and Andrew made it to the final two against Brendon after the other contestants got eliminated. But Andrew came up short and Brendon won the contest thus guaranteeing that Andrew would remain on the Block with fellow floater Kathy.

Andrew tells Brendon that he is going to make a “bold move” at the POV announcement ceremony. This Bold Move ends up being him making a speech about how he wants the Brendon/Rachel alliance out of the house. The idea being that people who want Brendon/Rachel out would want to keep him in the House and vote out Kathy.
This plan backfired; he just wasn’t convincing enough.

“What sins have I done this week?” Andrew asks the Heavens in exasperation.
“I had to make a bold move,” he explains in the Diary Room, but it was obvious his Bold Move wasn’t bold enough.

Although—at first it seemed as though he might pull it off. The four members of the Brigade considered keeping Andrew and voting out Kathy since Andrew became such a big target that if he remained this week, he’d be the obvious choice the next week, thus preserving them for one more week.

If Andrew captured the Brendon/Rachel support and that of the Brigade members, that would be enough for him to stay.

But Andrew was fast becoming a lose cannon. He breaks down in the Diary Room saying, “I don’t have anyone to talk to. It’s very hard mentally.”

Paranoia sets in when he sees one of the female contestants, Kristen, talking to his fellow nominee Kathy. He has it out with Kristen, for some reason, blaming her for not talking to him.

“You’re digging your own grave,” Kristen tells him.

On the live show Thursday, prior to voting, Julie Chen asks the nominees to say something in defence. Traditionally this is a civil time, when most nominees thank the guests for everything and say “no hard feelings…etc. etc.” Kathy did just that. But Andrew lost it completely and went into ranting and raving mode, thinking, somehow, that people would vote out Kathy. I’m sure there was a method to his madness, but to no avail.

In a unanimous vote 8-0, the Kosher hamster was turfed out the house. “I vote to institutionalize and evict Andrew,” one contestant says.

“Mazel tov to all,” he tells them as he leaves.

The Jew has left the House.

Watch Andrew's ranting speech on live tv: [ff to around 2: 30 if you wish}

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