Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Dark Comedy and a Jewish Toon

So this week the Heebonics printed feature focused on Benjamin Israel's animated creation entitled The Dark Comedy. Having seen quite a number of "Toons" in my day, I can appreciate the artistry in the well-drawn, costume clad characters. Children walk a very fine line these days in that most of what they are exposed to in animated offerings speaks more to situations that occur in the real world rather than transporting them to a pure world of fantasy. In the two and a half minute trailer, the viewer is exposed to a back alley roberry at knife point, a stabbing and a double homicide. Gone are the days when cartoons brought you transforming cars, friendly bears in hundred acre woods or the late Jim Henson's wonderful creations, which took you on magical journey's to worlds unknown, spurring our imagination. Yes of course you always had the Looney Tunes but they were just that "Looney Tunes," in no way meant to be taken at face value. Anvils would fall on heads, dynamite sticks would be used as candles in cakes given by coyotes to road-runners and sure, martians would blast ducks to ash with cosmic ray guns. In the end though, all these characters would get up and walk away. Not the greatest lesson for a child to take in but then this was done to fictitious talking animals, not quite, albeit fictitious talking "people".

Our society has shifted to exposing its children to the harsh realities of the adult world long before they are old enough or mature enough to truly understand it. Perhaps I need to see more than just the trailer available here as I have been told a crisper, cleaner more humorous follow-up offering is due to go viral very soon.

Click Here for the feature in print.


Dark said...

Well, this cartoon is most CERTAINLY not meant for children.

In fact, I always found it amusing that when someone sees a cartoon or a comic they immediately assume, "children".
To my knowledge, most comics (superhero anyway) started out during war times, for adults. I don't think they were meant for children, somehow it just floated there.

This cartoon was created for a 17+ audience, while we do have humour, we are most CERTAINLY not aiming towards a younger demographic.

There are still numerous fun loving cuddly cartoons of yesteryear, but not the same ratio they used to be. One just has to look for them. 

Keep your eyes peeled on my sites for a newer project, for the demographic you think cartoons should be aimed towards. "Supertown" may be hitting the market soon. Targeted at 8 - 12 with superheroes and children, much less violent and much more fun.

Anonymous said...

The (unsigned) author of this piece is a nearsighted maroon. There, I said it. There's a world of animation out there that is in no way involved with children. Not for them to see, not for them to comprehend, not for them to enjoy. The joy of animation to storytellers is that it unleashes them from reality in every way and allows the imagination free rein without restrictions of the possible and often of the censor.

Anonymous said...

I find this blog entry, plus follow up by the creator disturbing. It shows that the writer of this blog did NO research into the project before posting this. When looking over the site, it's obvious that this cartoon is clearly not meant for children.
Before making snap judgments, questions should be asked, and more research should be conducted for the content of this cartoon, and the target audience. All this shows is poor interview skills via the writer, or lack of knowledge.
You are poorly misinformed, and your lack of research as a writer is disconcerting.
I highly advise writing your future reviews with a little more depth.
Good luck to you.

Richard said...

So your 'real world' includes alleyway robberies, stabbings and double homicides? Are you sure it isn’t your favourite escapist television that makes such occurrences feel commonplace? Or maybe writing the Heebonics blog is a lot more dangerous than I ever imagined it could be.

Kosherspeare said...

To Richard,

While all media construct their own version of reality and mostly for viewership, ratings or the sale of papers, this blogger's 'real world' is often informed by the nightly news. Recent reports of homicides in Toronto now total 30 for 2010 often involving those 17+ or 15 year olds getting behind the wheel of a car. believing one can accurately re-enact scenes from Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift. Drifting on a city street he flips the car injuring 3 passengers with one near death. Even an audience 17+ can be impressionable .

To (unsigned) Anonymous 1 and 2, keep in mind the artistry of The Dark Comedy has been apllauded. If and when there would be any "snap judgements" of the content of the cartoon, they have been reserved until there is more than just the trailer offered fro greater review.

A little more informed on the world than you give credit for.