Thursday, February 26, 2009

There is life after Much and Citytv

You start with the youth market and you carry along with them even past the point at which they turn 50+. That’s the viewpoint held by Moses Znaimer, innovator, visionary and media mogul who claims he has and will always continue to focus on.

For those who don’t know, in Canada originally and subsequently around the world Moses set out on a quest to inform and engage our minds and enrich our sense of self. Defining a generation of Canadian youth in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s with cable channels Citytv, Much Music, Fashion Television, Space Channel and a collection of various other specialty channels, Moses seemed to have every angle and niche audience covered. One of his greatest contributions to free speech and the public realm was the invention and installation of the popular Speakers Corner. The pubic box provided an uncensored voice to the multicultural, multiracial, multi-lifestyle of Canadians.

The world has changed and aged and so has he. The 20 something’s of the 70’s are now the 50 + demographic and each decade thereafter will perpetuate the audience he’s catering to with his new endeavor and first foray into publishing, Zoomer magazine. Has this one time youth marketer completely abandoned the age group that brought such critical acclaim his way? Moses says no. He is simply on the same journey called life he started on with the same core 20 something’s of yesteryear, who are now more active more sophisticated affluent Canadians.

Moses graduated from Harvard not a student who majored in broadcasting or journalism but rather in psychology and political science.

Doesn’t each generation though, look at the one that comes after it as being spoiled rotten, lacking the drive of the one that preceded it? Moses comes down harshly on today’s youth market as you can see from the video clip below.

“The young just don’t get it. It’s removed from their cultural understanding” he says. “Facebook is for kids, Zoomer is for adults.” Freeze out the youth of today and where do you go after the baby boomers fall away? It seems more like Moses laments that part of the human condition, as the aging takes place, to stay relevant one can only pay attention and speak to the age group you find yourself surrounded by.

He purports that the 50 to 70 year olds own the world with money and influence. Try telling that though to the originator of Facebook, Google, Youtube and Twitter to name a few. All ages need an outlet for personal and cultural exploration and actualization. While it is documented his “Zoomers” make up 14 million Canadians (or 44 percent of the population) let us not forget however, “The children shall inherit the Earth”.

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