Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Y-Love and Aharit Hayamim are stopping in Toronto

On March 15, at the 6 Degrees Nightclub in Toronto, Y Love – the MC who converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2000 and raps in English, Arabic, Yiddish, and Hebrew – will be joining Aharit Hayamim – a band from Jerusalem that is known for its impromptu reggae-inspired concerts all over the Holy Land – as part of their North American tour.

Y-Love, or Yitzchak Jordan, who lives in Borough Park, a Hasidic neighbourhood in Brooklyn, is part of the New Jewish Music scene that is led by acts such as Matisyahu and Idan Raichel.

In March he'll be in Toronto promoting his album, This is Babylon, a hip hop record that tackles issues such as spirituality, social issues and the Western world.

Aharit Hayamim will be taking a short break from performing at army bases and festivals in Israel, to perform in the Diaspora in hopes that the music will inspire Jews to embrace each other and their heritage.

Check out one of the Aharit Hayamim's performances in Kikar Tzion in Jerusalem here:

And check out Y-Love here:

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