Monday, November 24, 2008

Stellar Performance at the AMA’s

At last night’s live telecast of the American Music Awards two of the strongest standout performances came from one artist, Alecia Moore professionally known as the two time Grammy award winning socio political outspoken, Pink.

Pink was recently in Toronto showcasing tracks from her latest album “Funhouse” and brought to the stage a consistently stunning albeit abridged presentation of the album’s latest single Sober.

Pink later re-took to the stage near the end of the broadcast, in a soulful accompaniment, lending her well trained vocal talent to a duet with one of Canada’s most brightly shining stars Sarah McLaughlin, on one of her most popular cross border hits Angel.

Some of the talents in the industry merely take to the stage as performers for the glitz, glamour and showmanship of it all. Other artists not only connect to their own music but to that of their peers and when paired together, a few of them fashion a performance that when played over and over again can make you feel as though you are still hearing the melodious collaboration for the first time.

The beautiful emotion poured out as freely as ever from Sarah’s haunting, spiritual, three time Grammy and eight time Juno award winning, unmistakable voice. Pink balanced her rock tendencies in a complementary solo that made Angel her own.

To hear Pink sing Sarah’s song in its entirety would probably be a real treat.

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