Friday, November 28, 2008

So You Think Jew(s) Can Dance Canada?


Well, you can't win 'em all, as someone once said. Sadly, both Reznik and Faber were relegated to the "missed it by that much" column last night as Nico Archambault one the inaugural SYTYCDC contest.


Those of you in Canuckland watching the new reality dance show,

So You Think You Can Dance Canada, have been treated to some spectacular stuff.

But did you know that as of last night, two of the four remaining dancers are Heebsters? That's right, both Natalli Reznik and Miles Faber (pictured above) have navigated their talented tushes through the perils of eliminations, dance-offs plus the whim of the voting public and now comprise one half of the final four.

Not too shabby for two people who come from a tribe known mostly for dancing the Horah.

Heebonics in print covered Reznik a couple of weeks ago when she made it into the Top 6. Unfortunately, at the time, we didn't know about Miles' Jewosity. But the kind folks at SYTYCDC (and Miles' zayde) phoned in to let us know. So today, we make what repairs we can with this posting. Have a look at Miles and Natalli in action. Two dancing Jews set to conquer Canada. We should all be proud.

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