Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hugo Chavez, geographically challenged

In case you missed it last week, Hugo Chavez, president, head leftist revolutionary of Venezuela and BFF of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (aka MC IsraelH8er), went on a bit of an anti-Israel rant himself.

Prompted by an unprovoked weekend raid by neighbour-state Colombia's military attack on rebel encampments inside Ecuador – where Colombian troops killed a head rebel commander, much beloved as a revolutionary brother-in-arms by Chavez – Chavez warned Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, that any such incursion into Venezuela will be met with force. He then moved nearly 6,000 troops onto Venezuela's border with Colombia to emphasize his point.

What's more, he called Colombia "the Israel of Latin America" in his weekly radio address to the Venezuelan people. Likening Columbia's government to Israel, because both are "mastered" by the United States "empire", he told Uribe that he would not "permit Colombia to become the Israel of these lands. ... Uribe, we aren't going to permit you," he said.

You know what else Chavez shouldn't permit? The continuance of an apparently shoddy geography curriculum in Venezuela's school system.

Hugo, Israel is nowhere near Columbia. Go study some more.


Anonymous said...

Chavez didn't mean that Colombia is geographically near Israel. He meant that he wouldn't allow Colombia to become a country that invades his neibourghs with impunity backed by the US ( much alike Israel ).

Jorge said...

Venezuela has been the instigator and aggressor behind many conflicts, both internal and external. Chavez's Venezuela is second only to Iran in creating regional instability and disrupting the lives of peaceful citizens. The poor, beleaguered Jews in both Caracas and Tehran can vouch for that.

Blintzkrieg said...

What some would call "invading with impunity" others term self-defense.

If Chavez is so ardently against having countries invade their neighbours, perhaps he'd like to explain to his own population his strong-arm tactic of taking over the free radio and TV outlets in his own nation when he rose to power, just because he didn't like anyone critiquing his regime.

Lastly, why is it that whenever someone needs to site an example of an aggressive state, only Israel can come to mind? Why don't people condemn governments for what's going on in, oh, I don't know? Sudan?!

It boggles the mind...

Jorge said...

Why post anonymously? Tell us who you are!

It's very typical of the bleeding heart left, who continuously condemn Israel, to hide behind anonymity.

GoyRocker said...

As "anonymous" said, Chavez never implied that Israel was anywhere near Colombia, so I'm not really sure where you were going with that thought, Blintz.

Blintzkrieg said...


I seem to have put multiple thought processes together for the title here. Obviously, Chavez didn't mean Columbia and Israel were side-by-side on a world map. But his decision to place them side-by-side as analogous evil, Imperialist entities being manipulated by the U.S., running amok at will to cause disquiet is equally erroneous in my opinion.