Friday, February 29, 2008

Life in Sderot

This happened on Monday. While most of us in North America were busy complaining about how "hard" it is to start a new work week, Isreali children in Sderot were living a different hardship. It was caught on video and is heart-wrenching.

Children should never have to experience this, anywhere.

The video shows a wounded 10-year-old boy laying in the arms of his sister, after she dragged him into a grocery store to get him out of further harm's way. He was wounded by a Qassam rocket fired by terrorists from Gaza. Here's how the story was described in Israel:

An Israeli child, who was wounded by a Palestinian rocket attack from Gaza, was dragged by his young sister into a small grocery store on Monday (February 25), video footage showed. Ten-year-old Yossi Haimov from the southern Israeli town of Sderot was seen laying in the lap of his young sister Maria on the floor inside the store. Yossi's shoulder was split open. Maria can be heard on the video crying and asking "Where is my mother?" Moments later paramedics rush to the scene, bandage the boy's shoulder, and evacuated the children to a nearby hospital. Israeli media reported that after a several-hours of surgery, doctors managed to save the boy's arm.

In the footage, Israeli reporters state that the boy and his sister had been waiting nearly an hour for help before it arrived.

It's all in Hebrew, but you'll get the sobering message.


Anonymous said...
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Jorge said...

This is truly moving. The poor people of Sderot are on the front lines against Arab terror and are truly heroes for withstanding the onslaught day in and day out.

The people of Ashkelon too -- former home of my late grandparents Z"L -- are now suffering daily along with Sderot. When will Olmert wake up??????

(By the way, blintzkreig, what did the comment say that was deleted?)

Blintzkrieg said...


It's a testament to the fortitude of the Israeli citizen that they can endure this carnage and the emotional turmoil it causes.

May it end soon and peace be restored.

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