Thursday, October 1, 2015

Shabbat project returns with Challah Bake 2015

Last years wildly successful Shabbat Project sold out nearly every event it offered, both across the Greater Toronto Area and around the world.

Once again, the hashtag #KeepingItTogether is starting to trend, and the Shabbat Project is gearing up to do it all over again this month.

The goal is to extend the splendour of passing traditions of our people on through the generations, whether by preparing favourite foods or making time for family – both key tent poles of observing the Sabbath.

Creating a warm and loving space, holding our families together, and spiritual fulfilment are what these events are all about.

Don't miss your chance to register for the Cholent Cook Off and Tasting, or the Challah Bake, leading up to the worldwide Shabbat celebration Oct. 23 and 24.

For more details or to register,  click here.

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