Thursday, September 24, 2015

90s Scream queen Neve Campbell returns to TV

The 2015 Emmy Awards honoured the best in television last weekend, and a slew of high-profile premieres are coming soon for new and returning shows.

Fans of the hit Netflix series House of Cards will need to wait a few months for season 4, but we caught up with Canadian actor Neve Campbell at Toronto's Fan Expo this summer. Campbell will be joining the House of Cards cast, led by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, when the show returns in 2016.

For those unfamiliar with its premise, it's an American political drama set in Washington, D.C., and revolves around Frank Underwood (Spacey), a Democrat from South Carolina, who, after being passed over for secretary of state, develops a complex and elaborate plan to get himself into a position of even greater power.

No word about the character Campbell will play, though she's rumoured to be playing the female half of a rival political couple, opposite fellow Canadian Colm Feore.

The show was adapted from a BBC miniseries and is based on the novel by Michael Dobbs.

Campbell – a practising Catholic whose mother is descended from Sephardi Jews – was in Toronto to mark 20 years since filming on the Scream movie franchise began, which was one of crowning achievements of director Wes Craven's career. Sadly, the filmmaker passed away Aug. 30 just days before start of this year's Expo.

Campbell looked back fondly on Craven and had high praise for the director she absolutely adored working for, because he challenged everyone on set and made them better actors because of how much he was able to draw from them in their roles.

Here are some of the highlights from what we got to see and hear.

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