Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nick Jonas causes a fan frenzy at a bat mitzvah

It would seem pop star Nick Jonas is making quite the business out of bar and bat mitzvah performances.

While not as scandalous as his gig in November at the Kirkorian bar mitzvah at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles – where co-headliner Iggy Azalea's pants split, revealing more than she had planned –  Jillian Glasgow's Paris-themed celebration in New York City this week is a Jewish life-cycle event that she, too, won't soon forget.

Without Glasgow's prior knowledge, Jonas took to the stage for a three-song set. He was reportedly paid $100,000 for the 30-minute solo-performance.

Thrilled as Glasgow was to have one of her favourite performers serenade her and her guests, seen here in this video, another young fan steals a precious moment of her own by running onto the stage to embrace the hit-maker and sing along on the bat mitzvah's microphone mid-song.

Top music artists making surprise appearances like this are a cultural trend that is clearly showing no signs of ending any time soon.

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