Thursday, November 6, 2014

Iggy's unforgettable bar mitzvah performance

It's clear we've entered a world where the commercialization of bar and bat mitzvah celebrations has reached epic new heights.

Back in August 2013, we told you about Sam Horowitz's bar mitzvah and how the budding performer made a spectacle out of himself by entering the ballroom of the Omni Hotel in Dallas with a dance troupe set to a track from the feature film Burlesque.

For 2014, the award for most outlandish spending on a 13-year-old's coming-of-age ceremony goes to the party for Las Vegas billionaire and MGM mogul Kirk Kirkorian's grandson, Julian. A total of $450,00 was splashed on the James Bond-themed reception at the Beverly Hills Hotel, featuring performances from current hip-hop princess Iggy Azalea and pop star Nick Jonas.

Azalea certainly heated things up during her performance of the J-Lo-collaborated track Booty when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction, splitting her pants dead centre. A few sources report the Fancy/Black Widow hit-maker modified her moves once she realized she was exposed either during or shortly after her wild hip shake.

It was certainly a welcome to manhood that Julian and the rest of his male guests will never forget.

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