Thursday, September 4, 2014

William Shatner on his new use of social media

It was another laugh-in with the always entertaining William Shatner over the weekend when the former Star Trek star was in Toronto once more for the annual Fan Expo, which for many marks the end of summer.

Shatner shared with the audience his views on the impact social media is having on the multiple projects he has on the go. He's currently working on a new digital series called Mothers I'd Like To Cook For (MILF) and a new self-help book entitled Hire Yourself, and until now, he has left interactions with subjects and fans over Facebook and Twitter to his publicist and assistant.

Shatner admits he barely has a grasp of the proper use and power of social media, but says he has developed a keen interest in the way they can help promote and deliver his projects to his intended viewers and readers that he might not otherwise reach.

No one tells it better than the the original Captain Kirk himself, so be sure to press play on the video below.

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