Thursday, July 31, 2014

Celebrities sound off on Gaza

The list of celebrities taking to the airwaves for radio or television interviews and appearing in print or online to talk about the conflict in the Middle East is growing by the day.

Some are vocally supportive of Israel's efforts to destroy Hamas' cache of missiles, which the terror group is firing from Gaza into the Jewish state from private homes, schools and various other buildings occupied by innocent civilians. For an example, see comedian Joan Rivers' rant below.

Conversely, there are others in Hollywood, such as former Disney star Selena Gomez, who have condemned the violence against the residents of Gaza, who have been caught in the crossfire of Israel's military response.

Elsewhere, among the members of the popular British boy band One Direction, front-man Harry Styles and mate Zayne Malik are on opposite sides of the conflict. Styles is pro-Israel, while Malik recently took to Twitter to tweet “#freepalestine” to his 13 million followers and fans.

Israel of course abhors the loss of life on both sides, but it must be remembered that the current hostilities started with the abduction of three Israeli teens, escalated after a retaliation attack on a Palestinian youth, and has spiralled into bombardments from both sides.

May peace return to the lives of all in the days – and not weeks or months – to come.

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