Thursday, February 27, 2014

Former Toronto morning show host finds home on satellite airwaves

Last summer, when local radio host Todd Shapiro severed ties with his longtime co-host Dean Blundell on 102.1 The Edge, many fans wondered where he would go next.

Well, we finally have an answer.

Starting March 3, The Todd Shapiro Show will air daily on SiriusXM Canada, at 9 a.m.

Todd Shapiro
Just five months after Shapiro left the terrestrial radio morning show that he had been a part of for more than 12 years, the station announced the end of the Dean Blundell Show. It came on the heels of allegations of homophobia, when Shapiro's replacement, Derek Welsman, made crude remarks about the accused's sexuality in a court case for which Welsman served as the jury's foreman.

But that wasn't the first complaint of the show's hosts' conduct. Shapiro left last July, shortly after the show was reprimanded after commending a man who beat up a protester at a Remembrance Day ceremony. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council deemed the segment to have "sanctioned, promoted and glamorized violence," violating its code of ethics.

Despite the controversy, at the time, many fans aired their disappointment at Shapiro's departure online.

Hopefully he'll feel at home on SiriusXM's uncensored Canadian comedy station, Canada Laughs, with his hour-long program bookended by fellow Toronto radio stars Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson's show Humble and Fred. In his announcement of the show on Facebook, Shapiro thanked Glassman and Patterson for helping to make the show happen.

"It's hard to describe how excited I am for this new opportunity to build my own show in an unrestricted environment and to get to broadcast it to such a massive audience," Shapiro said in a press release. "I just want to hang out with cool people, talk about stuff that I think is funny and interesting and they're letting me do that, plus I'm told I still get to wear my flip flops, hat and a deep V!"

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