Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Israeli filmmaker to animate the life of Anne Frank

Anne Frank
Israeli filmmaker Ari Folman, known for directing the Academy Award-nominated Waltz with Bashir, has announced his new project: an animated movie about the life of Holocaust icon Anne Frank.

Although there have been many movies about The Diary of a Young Girl, this is the first time filmmakers will have full access to the Frank's family archives, which were established by Anne's father, Otto.

The movie will take a family-friendly approach in order to draw people of all ages to the story about the young Dutch girl's time hiding from the Nazis.

"Bringing the Anne Frank Diary to all screens is a fantastic opportunity and challenge," said Folman, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which also said that he'll be writing the script.

"There is a real need for new artistic material to keep the memory alive for younger generations."

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