Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bibi's Iran jeans comments trend on Twitter

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in the Twitter spotlight this week after he made comments to the BBC Persian channel about Iranians' level of freedom.

One of the many pics tweeted by Iranians
in response to Netanyahu's comments
"If the people of Iran were free, they could wear jeans, listen to Western music and have free elections," he said in the interview.

What Netanyahu didn't know was it wasn't entirely true. Using the hashtag #IranJeans, many Iranians were quick to respond to his comment on Twitter – which has technically been censored in Iran since 2009 – with pictures in themselves wearing jeans. 

Netanyahu was referring to a time shortly after the 1979 Islamic Revolution when jeans were, indeed, considered a symbol of the United States. However, that's not the case these days. 

There were photos of people wearing both jeans and religious garb, or even praying while wearing jeans. Many photos also showed jean-clad people holding music players with pop music album art on the screens.

Unfortunately for Netanyahu, his message about the danger of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons was drowned out by the wave of denim-related tweets.

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