Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Lost Girl's deep love of family

From left: Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson, Bo, Tamsin, Hale and Trick
Life, love and family are three of the main cornerstones that have shaped three seasons of the wildly successful and increasingly popular supernatural hit series Lost Girl.

The fourth season begins Nov. 10 on Showcase and shortly thereafter in the United States on SyFy. Anna Silk’s character, Bo, a mythical, seductive, succubus, will embark on another 13 episodes of self-discovery, trying to find her place in both the human world and that of her native Fae species.

Silk and Skarsten
We sat down with Silk at Fan Expo last month, and while she remained tight-lipped on what fans might expect for Bo, as well as her best friend, Kenzi, her romantic interest Lauren the human doctor, Dyson the werewolf, and Tamsin the valkyrie (portrayed by newly minted full-time cast member Rachel Skarsten), we did get a sense of just how protective her character is of her fictional family.

Just about every member of team Bo found themselves in a bit of trouble at the end of season 3, leaving viewers at the edge of their seats about how each situation would be resolved. Once Bo returns to the fight between humans and the Fae, she’ll need to rally her family around her all the more.

Her love of family translates off screen, as well, as Silk and her husband of three years, musical theatre actor and writer Seth Cooperman, celebrated the birth of their son, Sam, on May 1.

Filming for season 4 wraps at the end of October, and until then, Silk often finds herself on set five days a week, sometimes shooting a gruelling 16 hours per episode.

Four months after giving birth Silk, said she’s getting stronger day by day and better able to resume Bo’s fight scenes – and fictional love scenes, too.

The show’s producers believe she’s ready and Silk is visibly flattered that show-runners and fans alike are so excited to see the much-loved actress fully re-embody Bo’s free-spirited, combat-ready ways.

You can catch up on the first three seasons of Lost Girl on DVD and Blu-ray today, and be sure to tune in for the season premiere, Sunday, Nov. 10 at 9 on Showcase.

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