Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why fans can't get enough of Covert Affairs

What is it about our favourite television programs that can draw us in so intensely that when they air, we clamour to see how the week’s cliffhanger gets resolved?

 For fans of the USA Network’s and Showcase’s espionage drama Covert Affairs, it’s most definitely the intrigue, relationships and exotic locales that Piper Perabo’s CIA agent Annie Walker finds herself in week after week, year after year.

The show is beginning its fourth season tonight in Canada, but seven episodes have aired so far for those to the south of us.

Christopher Gorham, left, Piper Perabo and Oded Fehr
Annie, by now well accustomed to the spy life, spent much of the third season collaborating with the Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency, on missions of mutual interest. On more than one occasion, her life has been saved by the Mossad’s top fictional operative on the show, Eyal Lavin, portrayed by Oded Fehr of The Mummy movie franchise.

I sat down with Perabo at Fan Expo earlier this summer and asked about the push/pull relationship Annie has with Fehr’s character, Eyal.

Eyal believes Annie is his neshamah, his spiritual other half, while Annie has become romantically involved with her CIA handler, Christopher Gorham’s Auggie Anderson.

Not only does this relationship interplay make for good television – we can look forward to a resurgence of feelings between the Mossad operative and agent Walker – but keeping the production aspects of the show on the low end and focusing on the drama rather than high-intensity, special-effects fight scenes helps bring the writers’ creativity to the forefront.

The 16-episode season kicks off tonight at 10 on Showcase.


Anonymous said...

Eyal has so many fans, he really connects with both male & females, he is so authentic (not so re Auggie). The pairing of Annie & Auggie was so boring, nil chemistry more like friends with benefits. Oded & Piper are the best actors in CA. Their chemistry is insane & really sizzles. Annie & Eyal need to have a long term covert affair(secret love) & be end game, sailing off into the sunset. Their episodes are so elevated when you compare them to the episodes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry buy too much Auggie is off putting, however our bookclub of 5,000 0DED fans can never get over-exposed to such a top shelf actor, it's maybe why Auggie is so threatened by an outstanding actor like Oded.

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, the Annie/Auggie relationship feels a lot like a high school romance or friends with benefits. Absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. He is too possessive and controlling, which really doesn't work for the benefit of the show in general. Eyal and Annie need to be endgame, where they both quit their respective agencies and work freelance!