Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When "T & A" doesn't stand for Tel Aviv

OK. So the whole world knows about this fiasco by now. Four young female IDF soldiers – who clearly have not yet graduated from Shuddaknownbetter U. – posed "barely there" with their M-16s (or whatever those semi-automatic weapons were that were covering their tushes) and then had the misfortune of living in a world where there's this thing called the Internet.

Oh and to make matters worse, they were the ones who posted the images up on their Facebook sites. Oy.

Needless to say, the offending pics went viral at warp speed and the story broke all over the web and mainstream media.

Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz congratulates a graduating class in this undated, and fully clothed, IDF photo.
Israel issued the obligatory "we're dealing with them" and "this is not representative of our young men and women" statements; detractors of Israel likely somehow managed to equate the event with Apartheid, and within the next day or so, this whole thing will have left our collective consciousness because society at large has mostly become ADD.

That said, ladies, really?! Was it a hazing thing? Aside from the fact that millions of adolescent and bar mitzvah-aged boys just got their jollies from seeing your mostly nude torsos, what were you hoping to accomplish?

You wanna pose nude? Knock yourselves out. But don't do it while in service. I believe Playboy just opened up shop in your country. Submit a resumé.    

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